What do you love most about flowers? 

I just love how 'me' they feel. The bouquet is full of my favourite flowers in my favourite colours and I really do feel like if I was magically transformed into a bouquet then it would look just like this! 

Why would you recommend going faux when it comes to flowers? 

I absolutely love having flowers in my home all the time but it's often not possible to continuously buy fresh flowers. Faux flowers add that little something all year round, so you can have your favourites even when they're not in season! I also use bouquets as props in a lot of my photos and from experience, real flowers can be ruined very easily (especially by someone as clumsy as me!) and faux flowers are much more hardy. 

What part of your home plays host to your Jordan bouquet?

I have mine in my bedroom, which is probably the most girly room of my house. It's filled with white furnishings with pink accents so it fits in perfectly. 

Finally, other people can now purchase your namesake bouquet - what interior styling advice would you give. 

I personally have mine in a classic white jug-style vase, but there are so many ways you can display your bouquet. It would look so beautiful in a glass vase on a coffee table as well, or sitting on a kitchen windowsill. Flowers really do make a home, so place them somewhere where they can be admired all of the time! 


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