Three photo backdrop ideas for your next event

Three photo backdrop ideas for your next event

Planning a party, wedding or corporate event this year? Whether you’re looking to dazzle with a sequin wall or want to immerse your guests with a themed wall, there’s plenty to choose from. Here are three of our favourite walls that are just perfect for making a statement at your next event.

Sequin walls

What better way to bring the glitz and glamour to an event than with a sequin backdrop? Available in a variety of metallic colours, each sequin on the wall is hung independently creating a dazzling moving shimmer effect in even the lightest of breezes.

Sequin walls are perfect for graduations, birthdays and weddings. They also pair well with custom printed signs featuring brand or event names, as well as neon lettering.

Jungle walls

Now we’re getting immersive! Transport your guests to the heart of the Amazon with a lush jungle wall. Complete with butterflies, tropical birds and jungle camp scenery, jungle walls are perfect for kids’ (and those big kids’!) parties.

To take immersion to the max, play jungle ambience through hidden speakers. It’s also a good idea to let your guests unleash their inner Indie with fun photo booth props like fedoras and whips!

Flower walls

Nothing beats the class and elegance of a traditional flower wall. And these days, you can have just about any flower imaginable on your wall, from tropical classics like hibiscus and bougainvillaea to country garden classics like roses and peonies. 

Flower walls are available dressed in both real and faux blooms, and while there’s nothing like the scent of fresh cut flowers, nothing can beat the longevity of faux flowers. Make sure you choose the right type for your event based on factors such as how long you’ll be hiring and seasonal flower availability.  

So there you have it – three versatile walls guaranteed to make a statement at your next event, whether it’s a small party or a huge corporate function.

Ferris Heart Sloane specialises in all of the above and much more – check out our Instagram to see what we’ve been up to this Summer! Looking for a backdrop that’s tailor-made for your next party? Get in touch to find out about our bespoke hire packages.

Introducing our new hire range

Introducing our new hire range

We’re excited to announce that a limited range of products is now available as part of our new hire range. Arriving just in time for the start of Summer, our new pre-built garlands and columns come bursting with enough colour to bring life to any venue.

Developed with flexibility in mind, our columns and garlands can be arranged and rearranged in endless combinations, and come with all the temporary fixings you’ll need to set them up. Realising your vision for your event has never been easier!

How does it work?

Looking to hire our garlands or columns for your next event? Simply visit our hire page and browse from our selection of products. Once you’ve decided on the perfect florals for your venue, drop us an enquiry and include any important details including dates, location, and whether you’d like collection or delivery for your order.

Need a helping hand on the day? Rest assured that you also have the option of having our install team set everything up to your exact specification.

Flower columns

Our columns are perfect for making a statement at venue entrances, or for brightening up those drab corners. Available in three distinct styles, each garland is dressed from top-to-toe in the highest quality faux florals that only your most discerning guests will be able to tell apart from the real thing.

Why not order multiple columns and create an avenue of florals down venue aisles, or pair your columns with a bespoke flower wall, complete with custom signage? 


Our 1-metre garlands are now available in 3 varieties: pink bougainvillaea, pink wisteria and purple wisteria.

With our garlands, you’re limited only by your imagination – create a border around windows and doorways, or make a lush train of florals across tables using multiple garlands. All our garlands are easy to chain together in any combination, and every order comes with enough temporary wall fixings and cable ties for easy setting up and taking down.

Looking for something a little more specific? We specialise in custom event design, and have transformed a huge range of spaces from luxury shopfronts to concert stadiums. Browse our Instagram for inspiration, and get in touch to tell us about your next event!


How faux garlands and centrepieces can brighten up your home

How faux garlands and centrepieces can brighten up your home

We all love to bring home freshly cut flowers now and then, but regularly buying and maintaining real florals year round can be a big commitment, and that’s without even mentioning the cost.

With the range and quality of faux florals ever increasing, plastic or paper flowers offer a range of benefits compared to fresh flowers, including longer lasting beauty, little to no maintenance, and cost-effectiveness.

In this article, we’ll explore two different ways that anyone can brighten up their home with faux florals: centrepieces and garlands. Whether you’re looking for a pop of colour in your living room or a festive touch for a special occasion, we have ideas and inspiration for you to bring the beauty of flowers into your home for years to come.


Why not add some colour to your bannisters or mantelpieces? Garlands are often overlooked as a way of adding some botanical beauty to the home. And creating them isn’t as hard as you’d think.

Firstly, a good garland should include a strong foundation of grapevine or other trailing elements – enough so that your feature flowers have something to cling on to. You can tie bundles of faux vines together with twine until you’ve achieved your desired thickness or length.

Once you’ve created your base, it’s time to add some greenery. Artificial ivy and ficus offer a base layer that helps the colour of your feature flowers to pop. Try to get some good coverage here – tie enough on so that most of the grapevine you added to your base is hidden.

Last but not least, add your feature flowers. These can be anything you like. Want cherry blossoms that last all year round? Or perhaps you want to bring a taste of Italy to your home with Sicilian lemon picks. Anything goes here, and you can be as neat or as wild as you like. Try spacing your flowers out irregularly throughout the length of your garland to achieve a more natural look. Longer stems like bougainvillea are also great if you want some of your flowers to hang down. These can look especially beautiful draped over the tops of windows or doorways.

Why not check out the pre-made garlands we offer on our Etsy store? We use only the highest quality faux florals, so you can rest assured that you’ll have a garland that looks just like the real thing, but without the short lifespan of real florals!

Table centrepieces

Faux florals can help you to create beautiful low-maintenance table centrepieces that add a touch of class to the dinner table. Whether you fancy yourself as a bit of a florist, or whether you’re making your first foray into flower arranging, the process is surprisingly easy.

First, choose a container – a vase, a bowl, or even a hamper basket left over from Christmas will do. Next, select your florals and foliage. Choose something that complements the colour scheme of your home. You’re spoilt for choice with the faux flowers available on the market – even metallic or neon colours are available if you’re looking for something a bit more ‘out there’ that will really grab the attention of your guests. Make sure you also gather some secondary foliage elements to make your feature flowers pop. Plants like ivy and eucalyptus make particularly great companions to your feature flowers, as they offer some beauty without stealing the show from your dahlias, daisies and daffodils!

To begin making your arrangement, start by placing taller flowers in the centre of your container, and arrange shorter flowers around the outside. Any empty space can be filled with your more leafy secondary foliage. Adjust the arrangement until you’re satisfied with the look. Don’t be afraid to experiment here – the longevity of fresh flowers means that you can tweak your arrangement periodically throughout the year. Nothing is permanent, so… go wild!

Last but not least, add any decorative items and accents to your heart’s content. Think ribbons, candles and other decorative ornaments. With Easter fast approaching, why not create an arrangement with miniature decorative baskets and eggs?

So there you have it – two easy ways that artificial flowers really excel in bringing life to your home. Why not check out our range of garlands on Etsy? They’re made from the highest quality faux flowers and look just like the real thing!

Have you put your skills to the test and beautified your home with any of our tips? Post your photo to Instagram and tag @ferrisheartsloane_ to let us know!

Our 2023 workshops and classes

Our 2023 workshops and classes

With the new year just getting started, we’ve just released our new course catalogue. The plant-based workshops we have on offer are beginner-friendly and a great way for anyone looking to explore their creative side. Whether you’re looking for a way to get together with your work colleagues, or you’re planning a stag/hen do and need some light fun to start the proceedings, there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

All of our face-to-face workshops have a virtual equivalent, so you can get together and enjoy a relaxing session with friends and colleagues no matter how remote, and no matter what the occasion. Everything will be sent to you or your guests, including all the soil and plants you’ll need to come away with your very own botanical creation.

Here are just a few of the highlights from the 2023 Ferris Heart Sloane course catalogue.

Succulent wreath workshop

Succulents are all the rage right now, and in our succulent wreath workshop, you’ll take home your very own wreath full of a variety of these exotic delights.

Over the course of this 45 minutes to 1 hour and 30-minute workshop, we’ll take you through the process of building a solid wreath base on which your plants will continue to thrive throughout the seasons. We’ll then provide a selection of succulents for you to arrange on your wreath in whichever way you like! And what’s more is that you’ll come away with some handy care tips that will keep your wreath looking fresh for years to come.

We offer this class in-person and online, so why not get in touch and book.

Make your own kokedama

Delight your guests with Japan’s answer to a hanging basket. Our Japanese moss ball, or ‘kokedama’, workshop offers a novel way for you to bring a touch of nature to your home. Get your hands dirty and shape your moss and soil into a lush mini ecosystem that can sustain a variety of plants without the need for a traditional planter.

We’ll provide a selection of plants on the day so that you can take home something that suits each and every one of your guests. And by teaching you how to care for your kokedama, it will stay well-fed, well-watered and happy for months, or even years, to come!

Make your own herb garden

A fantastic activity for kids and adults alike, our herb garden workshop is a great way to bring a little sustainability to your home or workplace. We’ll guide you and your guests through the process of creating your very own herb garden that will continue to offer a healthy supply of herbs with a variety of culinary and health benefits for years to come.

We provide everything you need to get going – planters, soil, seasonal herbs and spices. And most importantly of all, we’ll be your guide as you embark on your new gardening role – what do you need to feed your herbs? When should everything be watered? How can you make sure your garden lasts? All of this and more will be answered by our botanical experts.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch today to book us in for a face-to-face or virtual workshop.

The freedom to travel beyond summer

The freedom to travel beyond summer

Have you been waiting and wondering what to do with your new freedom to meet up with family, friends, colleagues, partners, and lovers?

Whether you have been contemplating travel zones for the lifting of recent restrictions or not, you have with any luck had a soak in the sun, a sprinkle of rain, and most certainly a breath of fresh air, to make the experience clearer.

Our luxury real | unreal floral workshops are back in person + live online.

Spend some time with Ferris Heart Sloane’s design-focused florists, whilst we introduce you to the imaginative and fragrant world of flowers, using a floristry kit filled with fresh mood-boosting, seasonal flowers from an English country garden.

The joy of watching our workshop participants open their Ferris Heart Sloane craft kit boxes alone, makes us feel happy and confident to teach you more about the wonderful and almighty force of a humble flower!

The congregation of colours bursting from our Peonies, the depth of the fragrance from our Roses and the symbolic meaning behind the Bougainvillea are just some hints of what to expect from Ferris Heart Sloane – Luxury Floral Workshops (and our live online classes too).

‘Freedom to choose’ symbolism with peony flowers

Now let’s get some plants into the plan! Ferris Heart Sloane plant-based workshops broaden the mind and enrich the soul. Our resident botanists have been busy researching and establishing an awesome set of all-weather, fun, calming solutions to enjoy our freedom of time with.

Did you know there are over 200 species of Crassula? Discover more about these saucy succulents, plus the countless cacti shapes in existence and get acquainted with our ‘rose shaped plants’ the Echeveria!

‘Freedom to be’ symbolism with Echeveria plant

Our ability to have fun and learn has no cap. Open is our reach is to everyone who wants to have a hands-on, engaging experience with our beautiful flowers and good-for-you-greenery!

Explore our range of workshops to learn more.

Check out the smart choices we offer, for beginners to experts, the open minded and creative creatures out there. There’s always something new to explore.

Ferris Heart Sloane develop top bespoke experiences for any group size space and occasion.

Get in touch with our Dream Fulfilling Team

Stop, sparkle & snap…Presenting our shimmer walls!

Stop, sparkle & snap…Presenting our shimmer walls!

Need something new, fun, insta-worthy and customisable?

Stand out with a sequin wall!

Available in seven amazing different colours, our spectacular sequin walls can cater for your event, party or for permanent indoor or outdoor installation your venue or business.

Our expert team can add bespoke aluminium and neon lettering to the wall.

This makes our shimmer walls even more ideal to be used to display logos at corporate parties, award ceremonies and conferences.

We customise the size of the sequin wall and the decals as per your requirements.

Brands often choose to permanently install our shimmer walls in their outlets with a branded #HASHTAG for extra mileage.

To find out more about hiring or installing a shimmer wall for your upcoming, event get in touch with our friendly team who will be happy to help with your enquiry.

We install our shimmer walls throughout U.K. and Europe and have a client list that includes brands such as:

Google, Mercedes-Benz and Glenfiddich to name just a few!