We’re really, really excited to announce that we have become part of the Work for Good family and will be raising money for The Aspinall Foundation.

Natasha, our Managing Director, has long held a passion for working pro-bono for charities at board and volunteer level to bring awareness to start-up and established charities, and will now be contributing from her small British business, Ferris Heart Sloane.

Enjoying some really good conversations with co-founder Danny Witter and his team over the past year, Ferris Heart Sloane will start by donating 10% from all web store sales towards The Aspinall Foundation’s vital wildlife conservation work.

Natasha enjoyed a short break at Port Lympne Reserve with her husband and two small children and the experience remains unforgettable. It also raised some serious questions about why we face losing rare and endangered species, and what she could do to contribute in a small, but meaningful way to help halt this.

About The Aspinall Foundation

The Aspinall Foundation, a world-class animal conservation charity, dedicated to protecting endangered animals around the globe, was founded in 1984. Now, over 30 years on our mission remains the same. We are more dedicated than ever to returning as many captive bred animals as possible to protected wilderness areas and reserves located throughout the world.