Herb Garden Workshops 

DIY Herb Garden Workshops & Online Classes

Learn how to make your own herb garden – a fun, widely loved, beginner friendly workshop to enjoy with friends, family or colleagues!

From tasty basil to fragrant lavender, growing your own herbs can be incredibly rewarding, not to mention handy when it comes to cooking or adding to your cocktails!

If you want to get involved, but don’t know where to start, join our workshop!

Never fear! Starting an herb garden is a easy and delicious way to start gardening. In our trendy workshop learn the steps for making a herb garden suitable for your home or garden.

If you want to improve your knowledge and gain confidence in growing your own herbs, this is the class for you! This workshop will give you an overview of growing herbs in different urban spaces eg. windowsills, balconies, patios, small gardens and at home.

You can now either enjoy workshops with your family, friends or colleagues from the comfort of your own home or a fabulous venue of choice.

Ferris Heart Sloane offer the flexibility by bringing you a face-to-face workshop or virtual class to suit all of your requirements.

Our expert team come armed with home grown, locally sourced and high-quality materials that you need to make your own Herb Garden, so that you and your family/team/clients/group of friends can make Herb Gardens.

Ready for a green finger challenge?

We include everything you need to make your herb garden in your very own craft kit box.

DIY Herb Garden is a fun indoor, weather proof, activity suitable for adults, and kids (we welcome children over the age of 9 years old with parent/guardian supervision.

We can come to your office, a selected venue or why not use our free venue finding service?

This is perfect if you want to combine an activity-based course before a meal or as part of a team/client day/special occasion. If you know of someone who enjoys or could benefit from these types of creative activities, our workshops make a really unique gift idea, where they get to create and keep their herb garden to treasure.

Do you prefer a virtual workshop? Exclusive! We can create custom Herb Garden Kits and send to single or multiple addresses, nationwide in the UK, US and across Europe. We’ll then run a workshop just for you.

Choose from our new express workshop from 1 hour (face-to-face or virtual or our full workshop (face-to-face). We’re very flexible so let us know what you’re thinking, and we will very readily accommodate to your requirements.

Get in touch to discuss us hosting a herb garden workshop at your event or workspace.

Corporate & Private Herb Garden Workshops in London and throughout the UK.

With our corporate herb garden workshops, or drop-in herb garden workshops for events, we bring along everything needed and host on your behalf. We just need access to the space to set up but, other than that, you’re good to go.

All attendees take their DIY Herb Garden home with them in a bag or box. Workshops are priced at a cost per head and the workshop can be scaled to meet a variety of budgets.

Call us on 01525 240280 or email us hello@ferrisheartsloane.com for more information. You can find our DIY kits here.


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