How Did You Get Into Floristry?
I studied textile design at university, very badly to be honest, but from this I gained a fantastic knowledge of colour, proportion and texture. I used to love going to the market to buy flowers to draw and always ended up buying too many. I found I was an appalling designer as I have no patience for it.

My brother and his fiancé were planning their wedding and whilst looking through their flower magazines I had this incredible lightbulb moment, I knew all the flower varieties and I viewed all the arrangements as designs and was finding good and bad in all the designs we saw. I quickly enrolled in a floristry course at my local college and loved it so much from the very first minute. For me, the design aspect was in me already and I just needed to learn the mechanics behind it all. I love the fast pace and how designs come together before your eyes. Adjustments are instantly made and no two jobs are the same, there are always new things to learn and problems that need solving it is the perfect job for me. I was able to create my brother’s wedding flowers and his bride and I were over the moon with the results.

Where Do You Drawn Your Inspiration From?
I’m flower obsessed! I constantly look at my wholesalers website and scout through the Rose varieties, trying to find a new one or one I don’t know this gives me constant inspiration. I am also inspired by colour combinations, texture and scale. I do follow the changing floristry trends and love to look at other florists designs and methods too, we can all learn from each other.

What Advice Would You Give When Choosing Wedding Flowers?
Don’t be too set on a certain flower or matching a colour perfectly as flowers are a natural thing, they may not be in season or match your bridesmaid dresses perfectly. Choose a florist who’s style you like and let them guide you a bit. There are so many things to worry about and organise for a wedding so once you have agreed arrangements and prices with your florist then just relax and let them work their magic.

When You’re Not Busy Creating Stunning Floral Arrangements What Do You Like To Do?
I have a garden which I love to be in and growing flowers is definitely my favourite thing to do. I love to be out there in all weathers with my chickens and duck helping me do the weeding, it’s very ‘good life’ round my house. I’ve taken on an allotment this year too which will be a challenge but I’m hoping to eat some of my own vegetables and also grow a huge variety of Dahlia too. I’ll be there with my flat cap on and a flask of tea, so rock and roll!

Your About To Design A Collection With Ferris Heart Sloane… Tell Us More?
Yes, I love the challenge of working with artificial blooms and I tend to use them in the same way I would with my real flowers. I’m having to think about taming the arrangements down as I have a tendency to go big and bold. The lovely thing about it is that designs can be worked on for as long as need be. I can put the flowers down and come back to them hours later and no wilting will have taken place. I think people will be surprised by the collection as you’d have to look really closely to see that they are artificial. I’m managing to keep them looking loose and natural and definitely with a bit of Jessica Rose style there too.

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