How Did You Get Into Bridal Wear And Accessories?
The idea for the business was formed just over five years ago. I was eager to start my own business and loved the idea of working in the bridal industry, particularly bridal wear. At that time, you could either buy a cheap wedding dress online or you bought your dress brand new at a premium price from a high street boutique. I saw an opportunity to bridge that gap and was convinced there was a place in the market for a new type of bridal shop. Somewhere that a bride on a budget could still have a wonderful boutique experience, but at the same time find a luxury designer wedding dress at a fraction of the price of buying their dress brand new.

What Inspires You? And Do You Have A Favourite Wedding Dress Style/Designer?
I’m very lucky to stock a broad range of designers in the boutique. My dresses are all one off sample gowns so I never have two dresses the same at any one time. It’s very inspiring to to see the change in styles from one season to another.

Personally, I love a classic, timeless wedding dress. I’m always drawn towards silk, satin and mikado gowns which mimic the dresses worn by style icons such as Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. I love dresses by designer Naomi Neoh, very soft, floaty and romantic.

What Advice Would You Give When Choosing A Wedding Dress?
Be open-minded when you first start looking for your wedding dress and try on lots of different styles. So often you’ll end up loving the very style you thought you’d hate! Only take a small number of people with you to dress fittings, and choose people who’ll give you constructive opinions and advice. Take too many people you’ll end up with so many varying opinions you’ll lose sight of what YOU really like.

Don’t visit too many shops! There is so much choice now you’ll only confuse yourself. If you find a dress you love, that makes you feel a million dollars and you can’t bear the thought of taking it off then you’ve found your gown. Stop there and don’t be tempted to carry on looking.

What Is Next With Your Collaboration With Ferris Heart Sloane?
We have lots in the pipeline! I’m looking forward to receiving a beautiful spring bouquet from Ferris Heart Sloane which I’ll be showcasing at my next ‘Dress the Bride’ styling event in March. We also have a collaborative photoshoot planned at Chicheley Hall in the Spring which will be bring together our dresses and flower arrangements by Ferris Heart Sloane, together with VW Camper Vans and vintage inspired menswear too.

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