Natasha and Sam met at the first wedding fair Ferris Heart Sloane’s attended at Horwood House in Buckinghamshire. Quick to discuss marketing ideas, they have already worked on a styled wedding shoot at De Vere Chicheley Hall and recommend each other as suppliers.

What Advice Would You Give To A Couple When Selecting Their Wedding Transport?
Pick something that makes you smile. Something that represents both of you.

You’re Based In Milton Keynes But How Far Do You Travel With Your VW Camper Vans?
We normally say about 1 hour from Milton Keynes. However we have been as far as Brighton for a Mark’s & Spencer’s Photoshoot

As A Young Entrepreneur, Where You Get Your Drive And Ambition From?
Was a joint decision that we made as best friends, we decided that there was more to life than working a boring 9-5.

If You Could Chauffeur Anyone For The Day, Who Would It Be And Why?
Oh that’s a tough one. I’m a massive Jamiroquai fan so guess it would have to be jay kay. And he loves his cars! (Mine don’t go as fast as his)

What Would Be A Good Theme Song For Your Life?
Would have to be friends theme tune. My business partner is the spitting image of Ross and happens to be my best friend. Great laugh working every day with your best mate. Somehow doesn’t seem like work!