Animal Themed Event? No Problem

Animal Themed Event? No Problem

Are you ready to take your special event to new extremes? Of course, you are. And what better way to go all out than with an animal themed flower wall. Our animal-themed botanical walls are perfect for galas, weddings, parties or any occasion where you want to add a bit of character; think unicorns, pony’s, parrots, lions and tigers and bears (oh my), and pretty much any animal that speaks to you. Remember, if you can imagine it, we can create it.

With work created for London Zoo and The Aspinall Foundation, we’ve created eye-catching designs based on specific requirements. For example, large zebras surrounded by colourful butterfly’s and birds and a champagne wall on a botanical base smattered with beautiful birds. Not only do we thoroughly enjoy the process from start to finish, we love seeing the finished article.

Talking of The Aspinall Foundation, did you know that 10% from any animal wall hire/permanent install will be donated to the foundation? Find out more about the charity here.

Intrigued? Here are a few FAQs regarding our animal themed botanical walls:

What events could you have an animal themed wall for?

We can create an animal wall for anything your heart desires. Look to weddings based at zoos, animal balls, events for animal-based charities, children’s parties – the list goes on.

Can we choose any animals?

Yes. Just let us know the animal you’d like your wall to be centred around and we’ll provide a spec and quote.

As well as animals, can the wall still include flowers?

Yes, so you can have a combination of faux flowers mixed with real flowers surrounding your animal centre piece. You can even have champagne flutes too!

Can you hire an animal flower wall?

You can either hire a wall or purchase the wall. As mentioned above, 10% will be donated to The Aspinall Foundation.

Do you have any examples of animal walls you have created before?

Absolutely. Please see some images below of an animal wall we have made previously.