Natasha Bartlett-Twivey – A Fabulous Faux Flower Florist

Natasha Bartlett-Twivey – A Fabulous Faux Flower Florist

Natasha Bartlett-Twivey is owner and MD of Ferris Heart Sloane which is a florist business that specialises in artificial flowers.

“If you can imagine it, we can create it in artificial. From bouquets to buttonholes to flower walls and restaurant decoration”

For the majority of her career, Natasha worked in in-house marketing roles and with many well-known brands. She and her husband then decided to buy an artificial flower business as an investment opportunity and as a way to work on around their first daughter and new home.

Now that her daughters are both at school, Natasha has been able to focus on her business and it has gone from strength to strength. Ferris Heart Sloane proudly includes Marks and Spencer and Ralph Lauren in its’ list of customers.

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Shanah Tovah – Beautiful New Year Decorations

Shanah Tovah – Beautiful New Year Decorations

On Rosh Hashanah it is customary to greet one another with blessings and good wishes for a good year, as Rosh Hashanah celebrates Jewish New Year. So, last year we were so pleased to be asked to create a beautiful Rosh Hashanah display in-store for Marks and Spencer’s.
Meaning ‘a good year’ we really wanted to create a display that infused a celebratory feel and made shoppers feel welcomed into the store. Apples and honey are a traditional food for the holiday, and we wanted to ensure our display complemented that; we mixed greenery with florals and added some single stem bouquets in vases to add a beautiful touch.
So, if you want to create a beautiful display for Rosh Hashanah, or any other religious holiday, do get in touch. We are so proud to get the chance to celebrate a variety of different festivals and will happily follow a specific brief.

Shanah Tovah – Beautiful New Year decorations

The Jordan Bouquet: Flowers For An Everyday Princess

The Jordan Bouquet: Flowers For An Everyday Princess


I just love how ‘me’ they feel. The bouquet is full of my favourite flowers in my favourite colours and I really do feel like if I was magically transformed into a bouquet then it would look just like this!


I absolutely love having flowers in my home all the time but it’s often not possible to continuously buy fresh flowers. Faux flowers add that little something all year round, so you can have your favourites even when they’re not in season! I also use bouquets as props in a lot of my photos and from experience, real flowers can be ruined very easily (especially by someone as clumsy as me!) and faux flowers are much more hardy.


I have mine in my bedroom, which is probably the most girly room of my house. It’s filled with white furnishings with pink accents so it fits in perfectly.


I personally have mine in a classic white jug-style vase, but there are so many ways you can display your bouquet. It would look so beautiful in a glass vase on a coffee table as well, or sitting on a kitchen windowsill. Flowers really do make a home, so place them somewhere where they can be admired all of the time!

Love The Jordan Bouquet? You can get yours here!
Corsages And Buttonholes Perfect For Proms And Weddings

Corsages And Buttonholes Perfect For Proms And Weddings

Image credit – Lindsay Brook Photography.

Corsages and Buttonholes Perfect for Proms and Weddings

A corsage is a small bouquet of flowers usually worn on a woman’s wrist, or pinned to her dress, for a prom, wedding or other formal occasion. Today, corsages are a common occurrence and something of a keepsake to remember a special occasion, which is where our faux flower corsages and matching buttonholes come in…

Made to Match Corsages for Proms
With the end of the school year emerging, we set our sights to the school prom. Mainly popular in American school culture with us regularly seeing proms in movies and TV shows, the corsage has been embedded into our culture now too and is an occasion must have. So, whether you’re attending a prom yourself, or your son and daughter is, a corsage (and matching buttonhole) is something you will need to think about. Our range of faux flower corsages come ready made, bespoke and made-to-order, so whether you have the dress and are looking for something to match, or you want something completely different, we can create it.

Bespoke Buttonholes and Corsages for Weddings
A corsage for a wedding doesn’t have to be used instead of a bouquet, but as well as. Why not pin a beautiful corsage to your second wedding dress (if changing for the evening), or wear it on your wrist to add a little something special to your overall look?
Now let’s not forget about the groom! We also create beautiful buttonholes made to match the bride’s corsage! So, if you want the perfect finishing touch to each of your looks, please contact us for more information here.



Flowers are an integral part of any wedding day, bringing the outside in and traditionally used in ancient Rome to signify new beginnings, fidelity and hope of fertility. Although fresh flowers tend to be a go to for the big day, faux flowers have increased and are continuing to increase in popularity. Wonderful silk flower bouquet and centrepieces that you can keep forever or have re-designed into a display for your home.

Here we chat with Ferris Heart Sloane about five faux wedding flower ideas for your big day, helping to set the tone and add personality to your wedding.

“Setting the scene for your big day can be quite the journey. On the first hand you want the décor to be individual to you and your theme, however you also want to ensure you don’t go over the top and go bloomin’ crazy. With that in mind, we thought we’d put together some floral display ideas that could suit your big day. You’re welcome…”


“Flowerwalls are great for you and your guests. Not only are they ridiculously pretty, they make the perfect entrance enhancer and photographic background for your wedding photos. Available in an array of different variations to suit you and your theme, our faux flowerwalls are put together by hand and will really make a statement.
However, if you want to tone down the rest of the blooms, we would recommend complimenting your flowerwall by having small and subtle centrepieces on your tables.”

Eucalyptus Garlands

“Eucalyptus garlands. There’s just no end to their use. To be more wedding specific, we would use a Eucalyptus Garland to adorn the doors of your venue, your wedding transport (think VW Van, taxi, wedding busses, Rolls Royce) your tables and even a staircase (if there is one at your venue).
You can also use garlands to decorate a chuppah (if you’re having a Jewish wedding) or an archway if you’re having an outdoor wedding. See what we mean – the possibilities are endless and remember, faux garlands last forever so you can take them home after and use to decorate your home!”


Falling elegantly from the ceiling, draped lovingly around an arch, hanging beautifully over a door frame – are just a few of the ways you can use wisteria for your day. Perfect if you’re having an ethereal wedding and don’t want to make too much of a statement with your blooms, wisteria is the ideal go-to.
Wisteria is also perfect if you’re getting married outdoors and want to fill out the existing booms of the garden, or wherever you are!

Wild flowers

Looking for something a bit different? Wild flowers are a great way to break away from the norm – plus, they look great! They’ll also add a bit of texture to your table and could be a good contrast from traditional settings. Faux wild flowers can also be re-used for other events, or used at home to add some colour to your interiors.
Go on, go wild!

Potted Succulents

Whether you’re going for a western themed wedding or not, potted succulents are great if you’re going for the minimalistic vibe. Simple and easy to add to each table, potted succulents are ideal if you want to bring the outdoors in and re-use for your home interiors after. They also make great wedding favours too!

Take a look at Ferris Heart Sloane and their amazing creations to see how they can help you on your big day!

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