Corsages And Buttonholes Perfect For Proms And Weddings

Corsages And Buttonholes Perfect For Proms And Weddings

Image credit – Lindsay Brook Photography.

Corsages and Buttonholes Perfect for Proms and Weddings

A corsage is a small bouquet of flowers usually worn on a woman’s wrist, or pinned to her dress, for a prom, wedding or other formal occasion. Today, corsages are a common occurrence and something of a keepsake to remember a special occasion, which is where our faux flower corsages and matching buttonholes come in…

Made to Match Corsages for Proms
With the end of the school year emerging, we set our sights to the school prom. Mainly popular in American school culture with us regularly seeing proms in movies and TV shows, the corsage has been embedded into our culture now too and is an occasion must have. So, whether you’re attending a prom yourself, or your son and daughter is, a corsage (and matching buttonhole) is something you will need to think about. Our range of faux flower corsages come ready made, bespoke and made-to-order, so whether you have the dress and are looking for something to match, or you want something completely different, we can create it.

Bespoke Buttonholes and Corsages for Weddings
A corsage for a wedding doesn’t have to be used instead of a bouquet, but as well as. Why not pin a beautiful corsage to your second wedding dress (if changing for the evening), or wear it on your wrist to add a little something special to your overall look?
Now let’s not forget about the groom! We also create beautiful buttonholes made to match the bride’s corsage! So, if you want the perfect finishing touch to each of your looks, please contact us for more information here.