5 Ways To Use A Flower Crown

5 Ways To Use A Flower Crown

Let’s talk about flower crowns. Initially when you think of a flower crown you think of weddings, but they are so much more than that. FACT. Not only are they super fun to make (Click here to find out more about our flower crown workshops), but they are a really great accessory to add to your home or head – plus they last forever. So here’s a few nifty ways you can re-use your flower crown.
Table Setting

Why not lie your flower crown at the centre of your table and use as a table setting. As it’s in a circle you can decorate with a candle in the middle, or simply leave on its own. Let the flowers do the talking.

Door Wreath

Again, as the flower crown is round shaped, you can use it for seasonal times of the year and hang at the back of your door. This could be your front door, or even your garage door. Wherever you leave your flower crown is where you call home!


Not just for weddings, you or a loved one, could wear a flower crown to a music festival – or any festival for that matter. They also make a great gift for someone looking to repurpose one year after year.

Basket Decoration

Ok, so this may not be for everyone but we all know how basket bags are all he range now. Why not spruce up your basket bag with a circle of flowers that are individual to you. Not sure how this will go down, check out how Just a Uniform has styled hers.

Mirror Frame

Do you have a mirror you’re not sure how to make more you? Why not frame it with a flower crown. You can also use your flower crown to hang on the wall as floral decoration and put some pictures underneath it.

See what we mean? The possibilities are endless. How would you re-use your flower crown?