The freedom to travel beyond summer

The freedom to travel beyond summer

Have you been waiting and wondering what to do with your new freedom to meet up with family, friends, colleagues, partners, and lovers?

Whether you have been contemplating travel zones for the lifting of recent restrictions or not, you have with any luck had a soak in the sun, a sprinkle of rain, and most certainly a breath of fresh air, to make the experience clearer.

Our luxury real | unreal floral workshops are back in person + live online.

Spend some time with Ferris Heart Sloane’s design-focused florists, whilst we introduce you to the imaginative and fragrant world of flowers, using a floristry kit filled with fresh mood-boosting, seasonal flowers from an English country garden.

The joy of watching our workshop participants open their Ferris Heart Sloane craft kit boxes alone, makes us feel happy and confident to teach you more about the wonderful and almighty force of a humble flower!

The congregation of colours bursting from our Peonies, the depth of the fragrance from our Roses and the symbolic meaning behind the Bougainvillea are just some hints of what to expect from Ferris Heart Sloane – Luxury Floral Workshops (and our live online classes too).

‘Freedom to choose’ symbolism with peony flowers

Now let’s get some plants into the plan! Ferris Heart Sloane plant-based workshops broaden the mind and enrich the soul. Our resident botanists have been busy researching and establishing an awesome set of all-weather, fun, calming solutions to enjoy our freedom of time with.

Did you know there are over 200 species of Crassula? Discover more about these saucy succulents, plus the countless cacti shapes in existence and get acquainted with our ‘rose shaped plants’ the Echeveria!

‘Freedom to be’ symbolism with Echeveria plant

Our ability to have fun and learn has no cap. Open is our reach is to everyone who wants to have a hands-on, engaging experience with our beautiful flowers and good-for-you-greenery!

Explore our range of workshops to learn more.

Check out the smart choices we offer, for beginners to experts, the open minded and creative creatures out there. There’s always something new to explore.

Ferris Heart Sloane develop top bespoke experiences for any group size space and occasion.

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Bloom Up Your Business – How To Dress Up A Shop Front

Bloom Up Your Business – How To Dress Up A Shop Front

The perfect way to create a buzz around your business is to make a statement. We’re more than sure you’ve noticed the rise in floral displays at restaurants and shops over the past year. We’re also positive this is more than just a phase or trend, as let’s be honest how can pretty flowers beautifying doorways become boring. So if you’re looking for a way to create a disruptive PR and Social Media campaign, an exterior floral display is the way to go.

Over the past year we’ve been lucky enough to work with some fantastic businesses to help elevate their exterior, or interior, with our beautiful floral designs. Our latest project was at Bar Elba in Waterloo – a rooftop bar perfect for afterwork drinks (and Instagram snaps). We also worked on The Stag Pub in Mentmore. They wanted to spruce up their entranceway with some colour and opted for our beautiful wisteria which we draped lovingly over their classic doorway. This is just a small way that we think makes a huge difference, look for yourself (picture below).

Our flowers have also been used to help decorate numerous bridal dress stores to sit alongside their bridal attire and really set the scene. So how can you use blooms to brighten up your business? If you have a customer facing shop, you can pick from a large variety of our luxury faux flowers, wisteria, or garlands and use them to decorate your shop window and accentuate your products. Or, if you want to vamp up the interior of your restaurant, café or bar, you can try a flower wall (perfect for Instagram shots) or a faux flower arch for your doorway.

Make A Statement With Luxury Faux Flowers This Valentine’s Day

Make A Statement With Luxury Faux Flowers This Valentine’s Day

There are few ways to send a message of love quite so excitingly romantic as with a bouquet of beautiful flowers. When words simply aren’t enough, a bunch of exquisite blooms becomes a passionate love letter that the recipient need only glance at to be reminded their lover’s ardour. At Ferris Heart Sloane, our latest range of luxurious artificial flowers transcend the usual Valentine’s Day bouquet. These amazingly realistic faux blooms will not wilt or fade, but endure and delight for years to come. What better way to declare true love than with a florabundant token of everlasting devotion? Our lovingly handcrafted Valentine’s gifts include stunning rose bouquets with exquisite pearls, exotic red magnolias, whimsical heart-shaped wreaths and delicate petal garlands that add a delightfully unconventional and fashionably faux touch to any room all year round. In the language of floriography, which dates back to the 17th century and conveys the meanings of different flowers, the red rose has long been a Valentine’s Day favourite, traditionally used to represent desire and allowing to the giver to show off their wealth and good taste. Magnolia flowers add an unconventional, exotic twist, often being used to signify feminine beauty and dignity. Brought together in one of our handcrafted, luxury bouquets, they work together to create a wonderfully harmonious arrangement, both visually and symbolically. With artificial blooms enjoying a huge upsurge in popularity, giving faux flowers as a gift, or using them to adorn your event or venue, is the perfect way to create a sumptuous and enduring visual effect that can be easily transported and used time and time again, making artificial flowers the obvious choice if you are planning to propose in a far-flung location, or if you want to be confident of flawless floral arrangements for a Valentine’s Day destination wedding. The exquisite blooms, sprays and bouquets we offer stay perky and fresh, allowing you to keep them safe and sound all day at the office before a Valentine’s Day dinner in the evening, or to stow them in your hand luggage as you jet of for a romantic mini-break. If you are in the UK, our next day delivery option allows you to make a last minute gesture that is sure to impress. Our stunning, deluxe artificial flower arrangements also have the added benefit of being allergy-friendly, which means no pollen-induced sneezes to dampen the mood. Decadence is the order of the day when it comes to Valentine’s gifts and decor and our artificial foam flowers add that extra touch of “unreal” indulgence that work equally well in a vase on a dressing table for a Valentine’s Day gift that stands out of the crowd; in a unique window display for a retail space; as props for fashion and lifestyle shoots; or for a dream romantic wedding where the flowers are a principal feature, but where budget is key. We can offer you the perfect Valentines wedding flower package. Think: plush, high quality flower walls and arches, centrepieces, table-runners and opulent garlands that won’t break the bank. Get in touch with us to make a grand gesture to your loved-one this Valentine’s Day with a big, bold, deluxe floral arrangement that says enduring passion and remember: a red rose is not just for Valentine’s Day.
In Conversation With Natasha From Bloom Room Flowers

In Conversation With Natasha From Bloom Room Flowers

Who doesn’t love fresh wedding flowers? But before you order your big day blooms, a quick question, have you checked out the quality and realistic look of luxury artificial flowers recently? They’re definitely worth considering as the latest high-end floral reproductions are so amazingly lifelike and botanically correct that you may even be tempted to go up to a display to touch petals and run your fingers across leaves to find out.

Artificial flowers really have come such a long way in recent years and are definitely a viable alternative to fresh wedding flowers, with so many additional advantages. They are often less expensive, without compromising on quality and bouquets are lighter to hold. Faux flowers hold up well in both strong sunshine, with no wilting and can withstand heavy downpours, making them ideal for outdoor floral displays at your ceremony and venue. They’re a great choice for allergy suffers too. Read more from the interview here.