My Perfume Memory

My Perfume Memory

Your Full Name, Age & Where You Are From.
Natasha Pritchard 41 from the UK

What Does The Perfume Smell Like?
It smells fruity and floral.

The Bottle May Say What Ingredients It Has
The scent contains notes of mandarin, frangipani, pomegranate, orange blossom, jasmine and patchouli.

How Did It Initially Make You Feel? Why Do You Think It Made You Feel Like That?
Immediately happy. Now I consider the smell and ingredients it makes complete sense why I love it. I love fruit and I own a floristry business so the fruity and floral notes really appeal to my sense of smell and well-being.

Tell Me More About How It Helped With Your Sleepless Nights Due To Your Baby
I feel relaxed when I wear this scent but the combination of notes is also invigorating, making me feel alive and unfazed, especially if my little one stirs in the night..

Now, A Year Later, How Often Do You Wear The Perfume?
I wear it every week. I like to wear different perfumes to suit my mood or activity, but this is one of my all time favourites. It was a special 2017 summer edition so I need to stock up!

Every Time You Spray It Now, How Does It Make You Feel?
It makes me feel lucky, alive, glowing even – a strong powerful woman capable of achieving anything I put my mind to.

What Is The Strongest Memory It Brings Back To You?
Family time in Toronto. I flew to Toronto last year with my two girls 2 and 9 months to meet my husband who was on business. An important trip as I was flying with them on my own; it was also our first visit to Canada. I discovered the perfume on a rainy day in a great department store called Hudson Bay. I was literally bolted to the floor searching for where this scent was coming from. I wore it throughout my trip on some unforgettable adventures – to the basketball on date night, our family trip Niagara Falls and a girls day at the Aquarium

March Of Inspiring Mums – Natasha Pritchard

March Of Inspiring Mums – Natasha Pritchard

Our “March of Inspiring Mums” interview series celebrates women who are doing some amazing things, whether through business, a campaign or just being fabulous! Today’s interview is with Natasha Pritchard. She is a mum of two little ones (aged 3 and 2) and below we hear how she juggles her two businesses and why we should imagine ourselves as a rubber band! Natasha is a marketing consultant and owner of Ferris Heart Sloane, a luxury artificial flower business. She lives in Stewkley, Buckinghamshire with her family.

Tell me a little about yourself and how you got into the job you’re now doing?

I’ve had a 20-year career in marketing at home in the UK and Internationally. My husband and I bought the flower business which was originally called The Bloom Room as we moved from London to the countryside with our then six month old daughter. The idea was that I would take a break from my marketing career to evolve the business.

Tell me one interesting fact about you?

I love working with charities at every stage of their development from fundraising to strategy.

Please can you share 3 tips for managing the juggle of motherhood, life and business?

  1. Invest in the skills of others. Cleaner, nanny, accountant, Saturday girl, social media manager – whatever frees up your time to excel as a mother, wife, partner, business owner. It’s liberating.
  2. Imagine you are an elastic band. If you overstretch, you’ll snap and no-one will benefit from the strong, powerful woman that you are.
  3. Make time to speak to and see your friends. You’re on the same side and sharing many of the same experiences and journeys. It’s good to talk!

What’s the best piece of advice you could give a new mum?

It isn’t sleep when your baby sleeps! Venture out and socialise with your baby as soon as you are ready, it’s great for your confidence and your baby’s social skills.

Colour can make a real difference to our mood – what’s your favourite colour? And how does it make you feel when you wear it?

Black. It’s my go-to colour for day and night. Add some sparkle and I’m ready to go!

What’s your favourite activity to do with your family?

Cuddling up and reading a book. It’s the simple things.

What do you like to do for some me-time?

I don’t get much of it but having a regular manicure and pedicure is very important. Flying and listening to music. Radio 1 in the car, for the moments when it’s not my girls CD’s is bliss.