Our plant-based workshops are a thing!

Our plant-based workshops are a thing!

Level up and bring your gardening adventures into your bar or kitchen.

Yes we are talking about getting your plants onto your plates!

Let our entertaining experts guide beginners and the seasoned gardeners amongst you on how to grow and enjoy a herb garden, in even the smallest of spaces.
(Think balconies).

Since we’ve had the opportunity to spend more time indoors lately, perhaps you’ve considered thinking more about your health and wellbeing.

Our plant-based workshops are perfect for Corporate Team Building and to enjoy at home indoors/outdoors with family and friends.

Not only do our workshops take the tension away from the ‘everyday’ and promote wellness (it’s actually proven)! Our new range of luxury floral and plant-based workshops take you to a whole new level of hobbies, nature and culinary wonders whilst motivating you to get through those difficult days.

Imagine waking up in the morning and smelling fresh spear mint tea (from your own herb garden) that’s right!

Now, imagine your workspace with a lovely bunch of aromatic lavender sitting pretty beside you…


We’re not talking potpourri we are talking about aromatherapy and essential herbs. This is well being.

Plant based you say?

You don’t have to be a vegan, some of our clients enjoy tossing rosemary onto succulent juicy meats. The possibilities here are really endless!


Get in touch with our friendly team who will be happy to help with your enquiry on how to live and eat better with our Plant Based workshops.

Our workshops are available live online, and we carry out in person classes to suit your requirements too.

Ferris Heart Sloane can equip you with the skills, knowledge and a craft kit box to get you started with nothing but a good attitude and a whole lot of fun.

Go on Create a Herb Garden – in your home, garden, office or any space you can. You may live to love it!

Artificial Flowers And Plant Services – What You Need To Know

Artificial Flowers And Plant Services – What You Need To Know

Tell Us What An Artificial Flower And Plant Installation Is?
An artificial flower and plant installation is a floral and greenery creation designed to draw attention to your restaurant, bar, event or shop. We use the highest quality faux flowers and foliage stems to translate our clients vision from concept to reality. These types of installations are fantastic at not just drawing the eye but increasing footfall.

How Does An Artificial Plant Installation Come To Life? From Brief To Execution?
Our clients typically email us with a brief of what they are looking for. It can be a paragraph or a detailed document. As a team of creatives we are very visual and love to visit the space in discussion to get a good feel for you and your business needs. After our site meeting, we will send some ideas and proposal detailing our artificial flower and greenery thinking, We’re always happy to show you samples of the plants we use so you have a sense of what the final installation will look like.

How Long Can I Expect One Of Your Artificial Installations To Last?
The duration of our artificial flower and plant installation depends on how long you need it for. It could be a beautiful artificial flower wall for a wedding party that lasts one night or it could be a permanent artificial fern and foliage plant wall for a London office. We build our installations to last the duration of its use.

Can An Artificial Flower Installation Be External Or Internal?
The easy answer is for as little or as long as our client requires. We use fire retardant and UV resistant products for our outdoor work. We always use high quality ‘not on the high street’ flowers and foliage to ensure that the finished look is as fresh and inviting on day one as it does, let’s say, after an entire summer.

How Much Does An Artificial Flower Installation Cost?
Artificial floral and foliage installations and our flower walls in price according to size, and density. We offer our clients a range of options to satisfy every budget and business consideration. We store florals for an increasing number of our clients so they can be assured when they next need to be used they are in ready to wow condition.

Where Have You Installed Artificial Flowers And Plants Before?
We have installed artificial flower and greenery displays across the United Kingdom and in Europe. We have strong expertise in working in retail and mall environments where there are detailed health and safety considerations. We also work with leading bar and restaurants groups.

Do You Make And Install Flower Walls For Events And Weddings?
Yes we love making flowerwalls for every occasion. Our team are fresh floristry trained so our ability to create true to fresh walls is second to none. Our walls are all made in our studio in Buckinghamshire. Our latest wall was bespoke for Polo Ralph Lauren.

How Do I Get A Quote For An Artificial Flower And Foliage Installation?
I have an event coming up and want more information.

Explore The World Of Corporate Floral Arrangements

Explore The World Of Corporate Floral Arrangements

Decorative Corporate Floral Arrangements

A creative display of corporate flower arrangements can definitely beautify the surrounding and generate a vibe of positivity and titillate more enthusiasm to your surroundings. With the changing horizons of the business world, flowers are becoming an innate part of the corporate set up and gradually gaining precedence as an important business tool.

Decorate Your Office With A Creative Touch Of Office Plants

Irrespective of whether you are a private organization or a start-up, a decorative corporate flower display or office plants can enhance the overall environment of your office and at the same time maximize space to its fullest potential. Beautifully crafted office flowers can create a long lasting impression in the mind of the visitors through its creative display in the reception area, entryways, retail shops, showrooms and will make your employees feel more welcomed.

Creative Interior Floral Displays

A beautiful creative interior floral display is a great way to dazzle up your surroundings. Whether it’s the interior of your office or you are using to beautify any corporate event or meeting. Like any painting masterpiece, every texture, shape, and colour must be considered while creating something magnificent. Similarly, it is equally important to understand each floral element that goes into creating that perfect interior design and so it is important to choose the flowers meticulously to create the best floral effect.

Creative Floral Touch At Business Events

Branding is considered as a very essential aspect in an event, so the creative display of your brands through beautifully decorated floral is unique in itself but, it is important to have a right blend of colour, texture, and scales to bring out the best from the flowers. For each corporate event, the corporate flowers in London are chosen elegantly with the assistance of floral designer taking into account the design innovation to craft the best flower arrangement around your office space. Starting from the elegant display of floral arrangements in seminars to beautiful featuring of orchids, hydrangea, lilies, roses, sunflowers in corporate events creates a refreshing and aesthetically appealing atmosphere that one would enjoy.

Flowers For A Purpose

Flowers have a great power to bring things into life and hence it has evolved as a very important tool in the business environment. Flowers can be a perfect way to freshen up your office and it is a great way to thank your employees or welcoming a new partner or a client or simply congratulate an associate with a birthday wish or an anniversary. There are endless occasions where the need for flowers is imperative. So, it’s time to make a change to your corporate set up and decorate your environment with a beautiful and elegant touch of floral displays and gradually witness how these elegant flowers with diverse shape, colour, and texture bring an incredible change to your corporate surrounding.

So give a chance to decorate your corporate office with the creative display of beautiful flowers and you will be amazed at the changes it brings to your same old environment.

Artificial Flower Arrangements For Your Business Or Corporate Event

Ferris Heart Sloane provides beautiful and realistic faux flower arrangements perfect for anywhere in your business. Our stunning displays are gorgeously coloured and are a great, cost-effective alternative to real, fresh flowers. We can create beautiful modern floral arrangements for your office environment and we only use top quality silk flowers. Our contemporary flowers can give that modern edge to any home. At Ferris Heart Sloane, we provide customers with beautiful flowers all year round, and faux floral arrangements can give you just that.

Ferris Heart Sloane pride themselves on creating the finest artificial flower displays for your business or corporate event by using only the best quality faux flowers.

Custom Corporate Floral Arrangements

We offer a custom design service, meaning that your floral arrangements can be created to suit the colour scheme of any area of your business. Just send us your ideas and we can tailor your artificial flower arrangements to match your room décor, the colour of your office furniture, whatever you choose.

This means we can craft bespoke flowers to suit your individuality, style and personal tastes. Your floral arrangements can be tailored to suit any personality with our colour matching service. No matter the season, we provide the finest quality flowers of any species meaning you can have any flower in your home at any time of the year. We offer only the highest quality of flowers, so the arrangements will last forever. We provide modern floral arrangements and we can replicate anything from a picture. Just send us a photograph of your ideas for flower displays and we can recreate them perfectly. Whatever your request, we will replicate it to suit your needs.

Creativity In The Floral Corporate World

As our reputation for quality and attention to detail has grown, so has our list of clients. With companies like Marks & Spencer, Bare Minerals, and Florian London using our flowers for their product launches and promotional displays, it is clear to see why Ferris Heart Sloane is becoming the first stop shop for anything to do with artificial flower displays.

We can work to very tight schedules and we can source any flower in any colour in a range of grades and prices. If you have an upcoming floral project then drop us a line with your brief and let us source samples and provide you with a quote for all of your visual merchandising flower requirements. We can colour match flowers in the colour of your choice.

If you are in the visual merchandising business and you need flowers for an event then please get in touch