Flowers are an integral part of any wedding day, bringing the outside in and traditionally used in ancient Rome to signify new beginnings, fidelity and hope of fertility. Although fresh flowers tend to be a go to for the big day, faux flowers have increased and are continuing to increase in popularity. Wonderful silk flower bouquet and centrepieces that you can keep forever or have re-designed into a display for your home.

Here we chat with Ferris Heart Sloane about five faux wedding flower ideas for your big day, helping to set the tone and add personality to your wedding.

“Setting the scene for your big day can be quite the journey. On the first hand you want the décor to be individual to you and your theme, however you also want to ensure you don’t go over the top and go bloomin’ crazy. With that in mind, we thought we’d put together some floral display ideas that could suit your big day. You’re welcome…”


“Flowerwalls are great for you and your guests. Not only are they ridiculously pretty, they make the perfect entrance enhancer and photographic background for your wedding photos. Available in an array of different variations to suit you and your theme, our faux flowerwalls are put together by hand and will really make a statement.
However, if you want to tone down the rest of the blooms, we would recommend complimenting your flowerwall by having small and subtle centrepieces on your tables.”

Eucalyptus Garlands

“Eucalyptus garlands. There’s just no end to their use. To be more wedding specific, we would use a Eucalyptus Garland to adorn the doors of your venue, your wedding transport (think VW Van, taxi, wedding busses, Rolls Royce) your tables and even a staircase (if there is one at your venue).
You can also use garlands to decorate a chuppah (if you’re having a Jewish wedding) or an archway if you’re having an outdoor wedding. See what we mean – the possibilities are endless and remember, faux garlands last forever so you can take them home after and use to decorate your home!”


Falling elegantly from the ceiling, draped lovingly around an arch, hanging beautifully over a door frame – are just a few of the ways you can use wisteria for your day. Perfect if you’re having an ethereal wedding and don’t want to make too much of a statement with your blooms, wisteria is the ideal go-to.
Wisteria is also perfect if you’re getting married outdoors and want to fill out the existing booms of the garden, or wherever you are!

Wild flowers

Looking for something a bit different? Wild flowers are a great way to break away from the norm – plus, they look great! They’ll also add a bit of texture to your table and could be a good contrast from traditional settings. Faux wild flowers can also be re-used for other events, or used at home to add some colour to your interiors.
Go on, go wild!

Potted Succulents

Whether you’re going for a western themed wedding or not, potted succulents are great if you’re going for the minimalistic vibe. Simple and easy to add to each table, potted succulents are ideal if you want to bring the outdoors in and re-use for your home interiors after. They also make great wedding favours too!

Take a look at Ferris Heart Sloane and their amazing creations to see how they can help you on your big day!

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Happily EVER ’LASTING’ After… 5 Brilliant Ideas For Using Your Artificial Wedding Flowers Once The Big Day Is Over

Happily EVER ’LASTING’ After… 5 Brilliant Ideas For Using Your Artificial Wedding Flowers Once The Big Day Is Over



You’ve said “I do” and before you know it you’re waking up as a newlywed looking forward to seeing the photographs and reading through your guest book from your big day; treasured memories that you will be able to keep forever. But what will you do with all of the beautiful blooms that have filled your venue and been your key accessory?

The internet is full of ideas of what you can create with your wedding bouquet or table decorations after the day, but preserving your blooms in the correct way can be very time consuming.

The great thing about faux flowers and arrangements is that because they’re made from silk and foam, their lifespan is potentially endless. Some brides contact us to make artificial duplicates of their real arrangements, which of course we happily do. But if you start with faux flowers to begin with, then you can keep the bouquet indefinitely and there is no need to pay more.

Here are our top five ideas for making good use of your wedding flowers, long after your big day.


If you’re including a floral centrepiece on each table at your reception, why not consider using handmade flowers as a ‘thank-you’ gift for relatives and/or friends. By thinking ahead, you can have each piece personalised, including the person’s favourite colours or flower type. This will not only provide somebody with a beautiful gift, but it’s also a good way of making your money go further on a notoriously expensive event!


We actually make these as backdrops for weddings: they are fantastic for photographs and Instagram for your guests! But if you’ve got your own artificial flowers, we can supply you with a frame, and you can create your own lasting memory of your big day. This would make a beautiful feature in a guest bedroom or on a landing; providing you with a unique piece of wall art with treasured memories. And if you feel you have the inclination but not the time, we can do this for you.


Whole artificial bouquets framed in shadow boxes can look stunning and last forever. You can also add other items alongside them to help remind you of your special day: wedding stationary or ribbon can work well. Simply purchase a frame that fits your bouquet and get creative.


This is a wonderful way to remember a deceased loved one: at some point after your ceremony, leave your bouquet at their graveside – this is something recommended for people who have real flowers for their wedding, but because there is no time limit on how long the artificial flowers will look good for, you can take your time over it. Please do check with the cemetery that artificial flowers are permitted.


Give your wedding arrangements to another bride! I’d love every bride to be able to experience the quality and longevity of faux flowers, and so while this probably isn’t the best tip for me to be recommending from a business point of view, I really do think that brides can share their faux flowers. If you’d like to retain a sense of uniqueness to your own wedding, then you could consider having your own bridal bouquet and wedding party flowers, and then share the aisle flowers and table arrangements. It’s a fantastic way to reduce the cost of your own wedding flowers, and to my mind, it’s a win-win situation!

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In Conversation With Natasha From Bloom Room Flowers

In Conversation With Natasha From Bloom Room Flowers

Who doesn’t love fresh wedding flowers? But before you order your big day blooms, a quick question, have you checked out the quality and realistic look of luxury artificial flowers recently? They’re definitely worth considering as the latest high-end floral reproductions are so amazingly lifelike and botanically correct that you may even be tempted to go up to a display to touch petals and run your fingers across leaves to find out.

Artificial flowers really have come such a long way in recent years and are definitely a viable alternative to fresh wedding flowers, with so many additional advantages. They are often less expensive, without compromising on quality and bouquets are lighter to hold. Faux flowers hold up well in both strong sunshine, with no wilting and can withstand heavy downpours, making them ideal for outdoor floral displays at your ceremony and venue. They’re a great choice for allergy suffers too. Read more from the interview here.