Flowers are an integral part of any wedding day, bringing the outside in and traditionally used in ancient Rome to signify new beginnings, fidelity and hope of fertility. Although fresh flowers tend to be a go to for the big day, faux flowers have increased and are continuing to increase in popularity. Wonderful silk flower bouquet and centrepieces that you can keep forever or have re-designed into a display for your home.

Here we chat with Ferris Heart Sloane about five faux wedding flower ideas for your big day, helping to set the tone and add personality to your wedding.

“Setting the scene for your big day can be quite the journey. On the first hand you want the décor to be individual to you and your theme, however you also want to ensure you don’t go over the top and go bloomin’ crazy. With that in mind, we thought we’d put together some floral display ideas that could suit your big day. You’re welcome…”


“Flowerwalls are great for you and your guests. Not only are they ridiculously pretty, they make the perfect entrance enhancer and photographic background for your wedding photos. Available in an array of different variations to suit you and your theme, our faux flowerwalls are put together by hand and will really make a statement.
However, if you want to tone down the rest of the blooms, we would recommend complimenting your flowerwall by having small and subtle centrepieces on your tables.”

Eucalyptus Garlands

“Eucalyptus garlands. There’s just no end to their use. To be more wedding specific, we would use a Eucalyptus Garland to adorn the doors of your venue, your wedding transport (think VW Van, taxi, wedding busses, Rolls Royce) your tables and even a staircase (if there is one at your venue).
You can also use garlands to decorate a chuppah (if you’re having a Jewish wedding) or an archway if you’re having an outdoor wedding. See what we mean – the possibilities are endless and remember, faux garlands last forever so you can take them home after and use to decorate your home!”


Falling elegantly from the ceiling, draped lovingly around an arch, hanging beautifully over a door frame – are just a few of the ways you can use wisteria for your day. Perfect if you’re having an ethereal wedding and don’t want to make too much of a statement with your blooms, wisteria is the ideal go-to.
Wisteria is also perfect if you’re getting married outdoors and want to fill out the existing booms of the garden, or wherever you are!

Wild flowers

Looking for something a bit different? Wild flowers are a great way to break away from the norm – plus, they look great! They’ll also add a bit of texture to your table and could be a good contrast from traditional settings. Faux wild flowers can also be re-used for other events, or used at home to add some colour to your interiors.
Go on, go wild!

Potted Succulents

Whether you’re going for a western themed wedding or not, potted succulents are great if you’re going for the minimalistic vibe. Simple and easy to add to each table, potted succulents are ideal if you want to bring the outdoors in and re-use for your home interiors after. They also make great wedding favours too!

Take a look at Ferris Heart Sloane and their amazing creations to see how they can help you on your big day!

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Eucalyptus Garland Is Always A Good Idea

Eucalyptus Garland Is Always A Good Idea

4 Reasons Why Eucalyptus Is Always A Good Idea

How many ways can you make Eucalyptus work? Surely all you can do with it is drape it, or hang it over something to make it look pretty? WRONG. Our faux Eucalyptus stems, wreaths and garlands are super versatile and have many ways of making themselves useful. Whether you use for the home, an event, or even use for the garden, you’ll actually find it hard to think of ways you CAN’T use Eucalyptus. Here’s a few tips to help you on your way….


A Eucalyptus Garland is a great way to accessorise a stairwell, archway or even the chairs at your wedding. Not only do they dress up what is already there, but they add an ethereal touch to the aesthetics and bring the outdoors in. You can also dress up exposed brickwork with a Eucalyptus wreath. No matter what your wedding theme is, neutral Eucalyptus will match pretty much everything and add depth to your arrangement of wedding blooms.


You don’t just have to use our Eucalyptus stems for special occasions, you can use them all year round! One of the best things about faux Eucalyptus is that they last a lifetime and not just seasonally. For instance, not a fan of Christmas décor? Why not use a Eucalyptus Garland instead? Just drape lovingly along the mantelpiece and hey presto, you’ve got a tasteful display that will fit into all kinds of household interiors. You can also add a wreath to your kitchen to create a countryside inspired look.


Like to keep the outdoors outside? Our Eucalyptus is a great way to beautify even the dreariest of days, and they can make the man shed pretty! Simply add the Eucalyptus along the side of the shed and drape over the door and there you go a good looking shed. You can even wrap them around your garden chairs for an al fresco dining experience.

Shop Fittings And Photoshoots

There are so many great ways a Eucalyptus can dress up your store. You can drape over the shop window or use stems to adorn your shelves or till. Eucalyptus is also very photogenic. Why not use in the background of your imagery for a natural touch?

Still Not Convinced? Check Out Our Gorgeous Eucalyptus Garlands Here.
Alison And Patrick Kay’s Edinburgh Wedding

Alison And Patrick Kay’s Edinburgh Wedding

Alison and Patrick’s vibrant urban wedding is the stuff lifelong memories are made of, a joyfully eclectic mix of heartfelt emotion, poignancy, humour and revelry; mixing homegrown Scottish tradition with the couple’s own unique style.

The thrum and clatter of the city of Edinburgh, with its hard-to-navigate-in-heels cobblestone streets and the occasional pop of brightly scribbled graffiti make for stunning backdrop with just a touch of edginess. A sense of understated elegance and luxury was introduced through Bloom Room’s timelessly elegant, handcrafted roses in cream and dusky pink with touches of soft greens, beautifully complementing the pared back sophistication of Alison’s wedding gown and the rich tweeds and tartans worn by Patrick and his groomsmen.

For Alison and Patrick, the subtle but luxe tones of the roses they picked out worked in perfect harmony with the spirit of their day. The bride and maid of honour arrived before the impressively grand architecture of Lothian Chambers Registry Office in an an immaculate white vintage Volkswagen Beetle, clutching coordinating bouquets, which were hand-tied with a delicate pink silk ribbon, whilst the groom and other members of the wedding party waited expectantly inside, their lapels accessorised neatly with single stem dusky pink roses.
It was the groom, Patrick, who first got in touch with us, keen to find floristry with that elusive wow factor that wouldn’t break the bank and that would serve as a lasting memento of a day to treasure. After our initial conversation, we delivered two arrangements for the occasion, to use as a cake topper and table decoration. Patrick and Alison were so impressed with the quality of our expertly crafted arrangements that they then asked us to provide bespoke bouquets for the bride and maid of honour, as well as buttonholes for the wedding party and centrepieces for the tables at the reception, which was held at the modern and stylish Edinburgh Capital Hotel in city’s West End.

We love being able to converse with couples in this way, because it means that they know well in advance that they are going to feel completely happy with their flowers on their wedding day, with no unexpected surprises, and it helps us to get to know what a client is looking for. We are able to work and play around with colour and style according to the needs and personality of each couple or event and, unlike many wedding florists working with fresh cut flowers, because all of our beautiful blooms are faux, it also means that we can deliver your handmade flowers well before the occasion, which can really help both with advance planning and with styling venues on the day. It also means that we can deliver your flowers to any wedding destination with no adverse impact on the quality or condition.

Patrick and Alison, like so many of the couples we work with who are planning their wedding day or special event, are thrilled to be able to keep their flowers, which is something that you simply can’t do if you opt for fresh. Patrick tells us, “We hope in the future to be gifting the centrepieces, but Alison wants to keep her bouquet. Thank you again for all you did. We honestly couldn’t have been happier with how the flowers looked. We had a lot of comments on the flowers, and many people failed to notice they were faux flowers.”
Our flowers are crafted from a type of foam, which means that they hold their shape much better than silk and other kinds of fabric flowers, making them look even more realistic and with no wilting towards the end of the day. They also work out to be much more budget friendly than fresh-cut, so it can save you a considerable amount if you choose to work with us and, as they are faux, they are not seasonal, meaning that we are able to supply your choice year-round, regardless of season.

Let us know if you’ve seen something you like on our website, or if you would like us to create a unique, bespoke design for your special occasion. We’re very friendly and we love to play around with ideas in order to help you to create your dream floral arrangements to give your day that extra special touch.

Pictures by; Facebook: @kevelkinsphotography

In Conversation With Natasha From Bloom Room Flowers

In Conversation With Natasha From Bloom Room Flowers

Who doesn’t love fresh wedding flowers? But before you order your big day blooms, a quick question, have you checked out the quality and realistic look of luxury artificial flowers recently? They’re definitely worth considering as the latest high-end floral reproductions are so amazingly lifelike and botanically correct that you may even be tempted to go up to a display to touch petals and run your fingers across leaves to find out.

Artificial flowers really have come such a long way in recent years and are definitely a viable alternative to fresh wedding flowers, with so many additional advantages. They are often less expensive, without compromising on quality and bouquets are lighter to hold. Faux flowers hold up well in both strong sunshine, with no wilting and can withstand heavy downpours, making them ideal for outdoor floral displays at your ceremony and venue. They’re a great choice for allergy suffers too. Read more from the interview here.

Catching Up With Bloom Room Flowers

Catching Up With Bloom Room Flowers

One of the biggest shock moments of my wedding planning was the cost of flowers. I knew flowers were beautiful and often expensive but I honestly had no clue just how big a chunk of my budget the flowers would take up. So what can you do to keep the costs down? We actually opted for part real flowers, part artificial flowers and the artificial garland myself and my Mum lovingly made was one my favourite features on the day. With this in mind, I spied Ferris Heart Sloane on Twitter, a small business based in Buckinghamshire that specialise in artificial flowers and garlands. I was intrigued about how artificial flowers might be the way forward for some of you Brides-to-be so I grabbed one of the lovely owners, Natasha, for a quick Q&A.

TELL ME A LITTLE BIT ABOUT Ferris Heart Sloane AND HOW IT ALL STARTED? My husband Jonathan and I decided to take a leap and move out of our Zone 1 apartment in London and settle into a quieter life with our children in the countryside. We purchased the business in 2014 from a lady doing the opposite and the rest is history…read more from the interview here