Our 2023 workshops and classes

Our 2023 workshops and classes

With the new year just getting started, we’ve just released our new course catalogue. The plant-based workshops we have on offer are beginner-friendly and a great way for anyone looking to explore their creative side. Whether you’re looking for a way to get together with your work colleagues, or you’re planning a stag/hen do and need some light fun to start the proceedings, there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

All of our face-to-face workshops have a virtual equivalent, so you can get together and enjoy a relaxing session with friends and colleagues no matter how remote, and no matter what the occasion. Everything will be sent to you or your guests, including all the soil and plants you’ll need to come away with your very own botanical creation.

Here are just a few of the highlights from the 2023 Ferris Heart Sloane course catalogue.

Succulent wreath workshop

Succulents are all the rage right now, and in our succulent wreath workshop, you’ll take home your very own wreath full of a variety of these exotic delights.

Over the course of this 45 minutes to 1 hour and 30-minute workshop, we’ll take you through the process of building a solid wreath base on which your plants will continue to thrive throughout the seasons. We’ll then provide a selection of succulents for you to arrange on your wreath in whichever way you like! And what’s more is that you’ll come away with some handy care tips that will keep your wreath looking fresh for years to come.

We offer this class in-person and online, so why not get in touch and book.

Make your own kokedama

Delight your guests with Japan’s answer to a hanging basket. Our Japanese moss ball, or ‘kokedama’, workshop offers a novel way for you to bring a touch of nature to your home. Get your hands dirty and shape your moss and soil into a lush mini ecosystem that can sustain a variety of plants without the need for a traditional planter.

We’ll provide a selection of plants on the day so that you can take home something that suits each and every one of your guests. And by teaching you how to care for your kokedama, it will stay well-fed, well-watered and happy for months, or even years, to come!

Make your own herb garden

A fantastic activity for kids and adults alike, our herb garden workshop is a great way to bring a little sustainability to your home or workplace. We’ll guide you and your guests through the process of creating your very own herb garden that will continue to offer a healthy supply of herbs with a variety of culinary and health benefits for years to come.

We provide everything you need to get going – planters, soil, seasonal herbs and spices. And most importantly of all, we’ll be your guide as you embark on your new gardening role – what do you need to feed your herbs? When should everything be watered? How can you make sure your garden lasts? All of this and more will be answered by our botanical experts.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch today to book us in for a face-to-face or virtual workshop.

From Work To Workshops

From Work To Workshops

The beginning of the year is always a toughie for everyone. Christmas is all but a distant memory, the days are still dark, and the cold really kicks in around January/February time, sorry for the doom and gloom, we’re just telling it is like it is.

From flower crown workshops to terrarium making workshops, we have something to help you step away from the 9-5 and get your creative juices flowing. Perfect for team bonding days, events, hen parties and more, our workshops are like no other.


Our flower crown workshops are not only great if you’re looking for something fun to do with friends, they make fabulous team bonding days and experiences to have at events.

Our flower crown workshops also prove a popular choice for hen parties and summer parties – if you’re planning a hen party, we’ll travel the length and breadth of the country and tailor make a package to suit you, send us a challenge – we love a challenge!

Click here to find out more about our Flower Crown Workshops.


As well as flower crown workshops, we also offer flower hoop workshops which is super fun and a great way to get crafty and make something awesome for the home.

However, if you want to make your own floral hoop and do some home-crafting yourself, look at our flower hoop kits! Our floral hoop kits are perfect for home crafting, hen parties, corporate events and goodie bags.

With an easy to follow, step by step guide and all the materials you need to make a beautiful floral hoop, our kits are available in a variety of seasonal colour palettes. Click here if you want to find out more about the workshops and/or kits.


Another popular choice for birthday’s, hen parties and corporate events, we host our Corporate and Private Terrarium Workshops in London and throughout the UK.

Succulent terrarium workshops are a great way to treat a team or encourage your friends to get creative in a casual environment. A terrarium is not only super fun to make, they’ll make a great addition to your home, or make a perfect gift for a loved one.