In recent years, faux flowers have gained popularity as a versatile and long-lasting alternative to fresh blooms. With advancements in manufacturing techniques, it’s now possible to find incredibly realistic artificial versions of your favourite blooms. However, not all faux flowers are created equal. The increasing ubiquity of artificial florals has brought a market that’s flooded with flowers that vary dramatically in quality.

It’s therefore essential to be on the lookout for all the hallmarks of a high-quality product when sourcing your florals, so let’s take a look at two aspects to look out for when sourcing artificial florals for events.

Attention to detail

It might sound obvious, but attention to detail is what really separates the best from the rest when it comes to fake flowers. At first glance, the best faux stems have the ability to fool all but the most discerning of plant lovers. Cheaper products, however, often leave a lot to be desired.

Above: two tell-tale signs of low quality florals. Ivy leaf made from a single piece of molded plastic (left), and a potted plant with muted block colours (right).

Whether you’re buying or hiring for your event, it pays to scrutinise product shots for details like complex patterning and colour gradients that mimic the real deal. Cheaper products often have very basic designs featuring uniform colouring or a lack of texture – a far cry from the intricate patterns that real plants exhibit. 

Better quality faux plants are also generally made up of multiple separate parts – a plastic stem, petals made from nylon fabric, green plastic leaves. Cheaper plants (greenery in particular) are often made from a single piece of moulded plastic with no fabric components.

For an example of how true-to-life faux petals can look, check out our hellebore stems


One of the main benefits of choosing faux flowers over real is their longevity. When taken care of properly, the best stems have the potential to last for many years.  

While real-life flowers thrive in sunlight, the same can’t always be said for faux florals. With most artificial florals being made from plastics, UV rays have the potential to disrupt bonding in the hydrocarbon molecules that make up your stems, leaving them colour faded or even structurally damaged and prone to breakage. 

These days, high quality florals rated for outdoor use are produced with special ‘stabiliser’ chemicals that ensure that even prolonged direct sunlight won’t leave your bright colours looking washed out after some time in the sun. This is something to look out for particularly if your flowers will be out in the sun for anything more than a day. If the company you’re buying or hiring from doesn’t list this information on their website, it doesn’t hurt to get in touch with them – any reputable faux floral experts will have a good understanding of whether their stock is UV-protected.

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